Top talent from Hollywood and the entertainment industry join forces with communities from every walk of life to develop creative content that can help disrupt the polarization that feeds hate, extremism, and violence. On Oct 15-17 in Los Angeles, five teams of creative artists will compete to develop a video series to take on this challenge. You too can get involved!


Meet Filmmakers & Watch Teams Pitch Ideas

On October 17, come hear from two successful Muslim-American filmmakers who are using their craft to explore themes of prejudice, metastasizing hate, and reclaiming identity, and watch teams of filmmakers pitch video & film ideas and help decide which ones get to move forward!

Contact the Disruptors

Let us know if you have any questions about our upcoming events and projects, or if you want to help us empower a new generation of creative talent

Why Disrupt?

This is our voice. These are our stories. This is our America.

Extremists have made their home on social media. Sometimes it seems like online hate is everywhere. From the violent white supremacists in Charlottesville to ISIS, extremists pop up across the internet, claiming they champion the downtrodden and offering a distorted utopia based on hate. But they don't speak for us. And they certainly don't represent the views of the vast majority of Americans. It's frustrating to watch this hate and violence tear our country apart. Pitting communities against one another. Creating distrust. Ripping at the fabric of what it means to be American.

We're tired of being spectators to this debacle. Where is our voice? Where are our stories? How can ordinary Americans disrupt the narratives of violent extremists? The Disruptors has assembled some of the best screenwriters, directors, and producers to help. Stay tuned for your opportunity to join.