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Thank you for submitting your memes to our contest! We're tallying up the winning entries and announcing them here ASAP!

The Disruptors Online Meme Contest

Hate speech in social media is more pervasive than ever before - and we want to disrupt it! We want your help, and the best way to make an impact is through positive creativity. That's why we've created an open competition calling for viral memes that help disrupt the spread of hate online using positive and inspirational messages and share them with the world! Enter as many times as you want and win up to $2,500!

Create your memes

Your memes against violent hate (and the purveyors of it) can be graphics, animated GIFs, etc in .jpg, .gif, and .png formats. You can take credit for your work or be anonymous. And you can submit as many as you want. Use the form above and submit one or more memes by midnight EST on Monday, May 14.
Share your memes

On Monday, May 21, we'll email you links to posts of your memes on The Disruptors' Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram social media feeds. You'll then have until Monday, June 4 to promote the posts and get as many likes, shares, and views as you can. Only memes shared from The Disruptors social media accounts will be considered in determining the winners.
Win up to $2,500!

On Monday, June 4, we'll award cash prizes of up to $2,500 for 20 memes based on how well they performed as measured by number of views (Facebook & Twitter), number of likes times 2 (Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram), and number of shares times 3 (Facebook & Twitter).
Win cash for your most popular memes!
1st place: $2,500
6th place: $150
11th place: $50
16th place: $50
2nd place: $1,000
7th place: $150
12th place: $50
17th place: $50
3rd place: $500
8th place: $150
13th place: $50
18th place: $50
4th place: $150
9th place: $150
14th place: $50
19th place: $50
5th place: $150
10th place: $150
15th place: $50
20th place: $50
Send us your memes!
  • Use the form above as many times as you like, uploading a unique meme each time.
  • We'd love to give you credit, but if you wish to be anonymous, leave the name fields blank.
  • You must have a valid email address so we can contact you (and pay you if you win). You can use a throwaway email address if you want.
  • You need to confirm each entry by clicking on the link that we send you by email. Otherwise, your entry will not be considered.
  • Your email address will not be used for any purpose other than sending you a meme verification link, sending you links to your memes posted on our social media accounts for you to share, and contacting you to arrange payment you should you win.
Don't forget to follow the rules

To be eligible for this competition, your meme (a) must be your own work, even if it borrows elements from others (i.e., you cannot recycle other people's memes); (b) must address the challenge of polarization, hate, and violent extremism in America; (c) cannot denigrate other groups or promote violence or hatred; and (d) cannot include nudity or other inappropriate content. The inclusion of any meme submitted for this competition is at the sole discretion of The Disruptors.

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